The Man Who Kept Hearing His Name Getting Called Out

The Glasgow Film Crew have released their debut video, a comedy sketch titled The Man Who Kept Hearing His Name Getting Called Out, on 15 February 2014. The six minute mockumentary is a conceptual sequel to the 2013 Virgin Media Shorts finalist The Man Who Couldn’t Stop Putting Things In Bins from writer Paddy Kondracki.

The Man Who Kept Hearing His Name Getting Called Out stars stand-up comedian Iain Campbell and was directed by Ian Hendry of Friday Film Productions. The video is available to watch now on Youtube

The Glasgow Film Crew is celebrating its one year anniversary on 27 February 2014. The group was formed by aspiring filmmaker Ryan Pasi through, the world’s largest network of local groups, and includes screenwriters, actors, directors, producers, editors, camera operators, and lighting technicians. They meet weekly to network with other media professionals and hobbyists, and to plan production projects. In November 2013 the group participated in the 48 Hour Film Project and their short film submission, Suicide Club, won awards for Best Writing and Best Use of Dialogue. Anyone interested in participating is invited to join their weekly meet-up at The Flying Duck in Glasgow city centre:

The Man Who… is the first of many planned independent releases for the group. Other short videos currently in production include a post-apocalyptic action thriller, a dialogue-driven Superhero story, and a mockumentary starring a demonic office worker.

“So well-shot and edited that you’ll believe you actually are watching a real TV documentary, The Man Who Kept Hearing His Name Getting Called Out is a finely paced sketch which builds to a satisfying and clever denouement.

Production values and performances are of a high standard throughout, and Glasgow Film Crew’s entertaining debut film has a professional quality which would put many veteran studios to shame.”

–       Keith D, Edinburgh Spotlight

“So good, you’ll keep thinking you hear the audience laughing.”

–       Andrew Hazell, Monday Movie Show

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