Deap in the Vally of the Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh

Watching Deap Vally is like looking down a double barrel shotgun and it goes off! Rarely do you find a band with such a powerful sound that consists of only two members, let alone both female. Some obvious ones come to mind like the White Stripes and the Black Keys, which Deap Vally can be compared to but at the same time these girls mean business with their unique heavy rock sound.

On a Monday night at the Liquid Rooms, this wasn’t expected to be a riot but Deap Vally have a way of getting any crowd going. Lead singer Lindsey Troy has that sexy, dirty look with a voice that screams pain and frustration. She bellows out some good lyrics that ring through her bass guitar and strike a chord with everyone. Her partner, Julie Edwards, looks like a darker Ray Parlour with the arms of Keith Moon as she bangs away on the drums.

These babies call hell and its gates are fully opening when their songs kick in:

Looking around the audience, this band obviously has sex appeal for both sexes and their music is appreciated by all ages. Some of which will probably remember the rock gods of the 70s and be inspired by the way rock music has evolved.

We had a great time and my friend was looking forward to it so much that he turned up, despite feeling awful with a stomach bug. Standing at the back, he had to occasionally rush to the toilet and apologise to the ‘freshen up’ guy but it was well worth the pain to see a band like this that could potentially make it very big.
Deap Vally’s fanbase appears to be growing by the day and I’m sure their next trip to Scotland will see them selling out fast, perhaps in a bigger venue. The great thing about the Liquid Rooms is that gigs here are intimate and a good size. We were suitably impressed to see the band greeting fans and signing everything from tickets, jackets and even nipples. It was worth the wait to meet them in person and get a photo. We were told not to speak to Lindsey as she had to save her voice after performing, but it was just as well as Julie couldn’t understand my friend’s Lancashire accent anyway and just smiled politely.

Close up it was clear to see how young they both look and so it will be great to see them for many years to come!

Jon Exton

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