Led down into this newly renovated graffiti den by a local friend who was expecting to the old decor, I had no expectations. The somewhat lazily spray-painted, obnoxious roof gave us a tacky first impression but once we were seated at the bar in the Boozy Cow Edinburgh and our eyes had adjusted to the dim lighting, we looked around at the adjacent walls. They posed quite a contrast as they were covered in a mixture of talented designs and arty scribbles. The roof turned out to be just one stand alone let down in an otherwise carefully and tastefully designed interior.

After giving my friend the thumbs up for his choice in venue, we browsed an extensive and exotic cocktail list. I had to hand the decision making over as I wanted everything and had the decision been left up to me I may have very well ordered everything too! He ordered us delicious cocktails with quite apt titles, P.B.J’s. I did get a little bit of cocktail envy as I watched some of the more aesthetically elaborate cocktails go to other tables. Some served in old tins with striped paper straws and garnished with sherbet sweets. They looked like they came from Willy Wonka himself.

The staff were successful in not only knowledgeable customer service but also in being damn nice people. They put up with our tedious questions about the difference in Whiskey and Whisky and when asked about the renovations were more than happy to reminisce with us about the old days.

This was bar one along a four bar crawl, of which we made two. We decided to sit out bars two and three to get a few more rounds here instead. I can’t imagine we missed out on any more that wasn’t offered here.

The Boozy Cow Edinburgh

Steph Sugden