Baby Loves Disco and Song Circle at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

As a parent, I couldn’t believe how many children’s shows were on at the Fringe and noticed a lot of free ones. I have been to the festival a few times and watched comedians but now with a child, I didn’t think I’d have any good things to go to. The shows have age ranges advised so I was able to pick a couple for my 1 year old girl.

She always dances along to any music that comes on the TV so I thought ‘Baby loves disco’ would be right up her street. This was at Electric Circus and the atmosphere was fun from the start to finish. There were snacks and drinks for the kids followed by sandwiches for their lunch. The music was great and the DJ let kids take turns at spinning a wheel to decide the next few songs. It went from recent tracks to one hit wonders.

There was also a play room, where kids could dress up and play with toys, a quiet room to read books and a photo booth room, courtesy of My daughter ran between rooms like an excited puppy at feeding time. It’s good to know that Electric Circus is planning on regular baby discos.

We also went along to an event called ‘Song Circle’ at the Pleasance on the green. The large igloo got a little hot and sweaty once everyone had piled in with their babies but the performance was excellent. Gill Bowman sang nursery rhymes and told little stories, using her chest of toys. The pace was perfect and my little girl enjoyed shaking an egg rattle along to the music. Song Circle is also on regularly. Details here:

I’m already looking forward to next year with my girl a year older; we’ll be going to a lot more shows together.

Annabel Townsend