For a Saturday evening, it felt right to choose something a little different and the temptation of burlesque and comedy tickled our fancy. Titty Bar Ha Ha in George Square involved two girls dressed in sexy underwear, complete with stockings and a frilly skirt. Apparently known as ‘landmine girls’ due to their style and role during wartime.

They began with a teasing song and ran around the audience greeting people. Straight  away, my eyes were drawn to the pretty one but to my misfortune, the less attractive one greeted me by burying my head on her chest and telling me ‘everything was going to be alright’. Nevertheless I was reassured that the show would go well as long as I wasn’t dragged up to participate in anything else.

The two girls were ‘fucking vintage’ as they explained and performed well as they sang and danced routines together. They also did well individually and were very funny but at times, I felt the comedy was more appealing to the females in the audience and would suit a hen night.

I was thankful they didn’t get me on stage but at times they picked on members of the audience and one man in particular was insistently dragged out to be laughed at. I would recommend Titty Bar Ha Ha for a funny, sexy and vintage style evening.

John Tosh