Crying Out Loud presents Flown at Edinburgh Fringe

My friend recommended this show to me so I went along and I’m really pleased I did. In the belly of the purple cow, these performers were setting up the stage, as if the audience had not arrived yet. Eventually, they appeared to start but still seemed to be going about their own business. This was an intriguing start to a show.

The performers were outstanding throughout and obviously very fit. It was hot in the cow and it was clear that they were sweating, as they balanced on tight ropes, hula hooped, climbed poles and bounced on a rope.

It was great to see some things appear to go wrong like getting tangled in the scenery or a man’s pants coming down as he swung on a beam and this added to the entertainment. There were some funny scenes and jokes, especially from a 30 something woman who acted like a 7 year old dancer.

Overall, I was very impressed with the organisation and skill of the actors involved and the music was fantastic. Some of the songs were really catchy and bluesy. A fantastic show for the Fringe with music, acrobatics and comedy throughout, hope to see them again.

Gareth Adams