Lee Kern’s show ‘Bitter Twitter’ focuses on the culture of Twitter and celebrity etiquette. Everyone who joins Twitter is familiar with following celebrities and reading their meaningless tweets. Lee’s mission appeared to become a celebrity by annoying and pestering the real celebrities with juvenile questions and comments.

Lee joined Twitter and began following celebrities (those accounts with the blue tick of verification) and I sensed he had a touch of jealously about the number of followers these celebrities had. He then began to ask them things like ‘What flavour crisps do you like?’ After hours of different questions for various celebs, he finally gets a break through with a response from Callum Best and Alex Reid.

He also manages to interact with the Ku Klux Klan with some artistic work and he sends inappropriate messages to the Pope. Lee was sarcastic throughout and it was funny to see that someone had actually dared to send those type of tweets. It’s the kind of thing you would dare your friend to do as a young teenager. However, with the increase in trolling on the internet, I felt that he was looking not to land in any trouble and to repeatedly send these tweets could cause problems.

Nevertheless, Lee Kern is a funny guy and it would be good to see him try a different approach. His inappropriate jokes reminded me of Frankie Boyle, who has turned into a love or hate comedian. Lee is a bit close to the borderline and could land in hot water with some of his remarks.

Michael Hunt