Ruffian Barbers Edinburgh

Who are they?

Ruffians are a self-proclaimed ‘bespoke barbers’ with shops in Edinburgh and London. They pride themselves on their expertise and professionalism, and claim to offer more than just a haircut – they offer an experience. Their Edinburgh shop can be found on Queensferry Street, and is open until late.

What did I like?

I’m not bald, nor am I wearing a hat everywhere I go. They did a fine job on my mop of hair, and I would probably use them again (probably for a birthday treat, more on that in a minute).

I had some very nice coffee and whisky while I was there, and the place oozed of authenticity (which surprised me considering it looked like a set from a River Island photo-shoot)

Unlike other barber shops, I had complete trust in the worker before they’d even cut a single hair. They were brimming with confidence and seemed to have a passion for what they did. I wasn’t too keen on their own hair, but I’ve now learnt that you can never judge a hairdresser on the style of their hair (even if it is half dreadlocks, half bald).

What didn’t I like?  

For a company that prides itself on outstanding customer service, there was a distinct feeling of snobbery in the air when I entered the shop. I was dressed in my Sunday best – a pair of joggers and a big jumper – which obviously didn’t go down too well amongst the bowler hat blazer squad. Nevertheless, the guys sat me down and soon managed to tame my wild locks, and I left there looking slightly less like a homeless person (although that seems to be the fashion these days). But this definitely wasn’t the biggest problem with this place – it’s expensive as hell.  Don’t get me wrong, they did a fine job and the experience was good. But £40?!? That was a bit steep for a 45 minute session. That includes a hair wash too, so I guess it’s not all bad, but still.

Don’t get me wrong; they’re very good at what they do. I definitely had an ‘experience’, and I suppose I would compare it to a visit to the spa for blokes. I can think of worse ways to spend a Sunday afternoon, and I can also think of worse ways to spend £40.

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Sam Williamson