Bar Napoli: The Feeling of Being at Your Italian Mama’s House

Bar Napoli. The cute two floor Italian restaurant that feels authentic and starts below ground level, on a rising street of Edinburgh. It not only has Italian waiters and waitresses, and cooks which adds to the feel of being in Italy, as you hear them speak to each other, or tell you about the delicious ingredients of the menu, while commanding so much passionate knowledge about the food that each waiter is happy to discuss with you many dishes that could perfectly suit your taste without even having to ask, but also the whole décor, and feel of the shop is so Italian-like. The paintings and photos hanging on the wall; the cosy, homely space; the light wooden coloured furniture. Depending on when you go, at times it can be mellow, rich, cosy, and other times you feel the bustle, the buzzing of other people’s chatter and clinking of drinks, which only adds further to the feeling of being at your Italian mama’s home.

Now that’s one thing, but what really feels most Italian is when your plate arrives. The plates are not only the size of sombreros, but the dishes while being sleek, and impressive, are also round and deep in the middle, holding enough food to carry you into next week yet being presented in the most appetising, elegant manner. You definitely get your money’s worth in this little restaurant, and not a single quantity of your dish is in the expense of quality. Every bite, even the ones which you may have to struggle to swoop in your mouth (yet you will due to the amazing taste) will be just as delicious as the first. That is the magic of this shop and really the most Italian of the whole thing.

The food is quite simply exquisite. It so effortlessly fills your mouth you forget you are at eating at a restaurant. Before you know it, you’re soaking up in the atmosphere, talking to everyone, buzzing along with the people around you, with the food not only being a highlight but complimentary to your whole night. It stands out enough to make you ‘mmmm’ and ‘oooh’, amazed, but blends in so well that your whole night flow with such comfortable, enjoyable ease. Nothing is lacking, and everything is satisfied. This is a restaurant I frequent, and excitedly choose each time, because I know every time I go, the food will deliver, and on top of it I will be able to be comfortable and at ease enough to have a laugh with my friends, or indeed my family. The people around you are respectful, but also generous, and happy, and if you haven’t gone home feeling exquisitely stuffed, yet glowing and giddy, you’ve probably gotten the directions wrong and ended up somewhere else.