Meadowbank’s spectacular firework display 2013

I am a big fireworks fan and having been blown away by last year’s show I was super psyched for this year’s Meadowbank fireworks. Wrapped in every jumper I own and a big woolly hat and scarf I waddled from town to Meadowbank following the crowd of equally layered, waddling collection of adults, teens and excited children.

Even from up the road I could see the massive queue and reluctantly joined the end, not even been able to see the entrance I was actually queuing for. Thankfully my partner has more sense and he wonders back after leaving me in the line to say the door we actually needed had no line – score.

Having managed to get some prime seats about half way up the stands, we started to take notice of the chubby man strolling up and down the track dressed as Batman – presumably the host. Unfortunately his best get the crowd going line was ‘Clap your hands if your proud to be Scottish’ – I am English and therefore felt a little left out and disappointed (I clapped anyway just because I love Scotland but still…). Following batman there was performances by a dance/ cheer squad which were quite impressive and then a show was made of picking who was going to press the ‘starter’ button for the fireworks. Dads had to dance with the cheerleaders and although they were certainly no Justin Timberlakes, they were very funny. The winner however didn’t really get their prize as the display started before the end of the countdown – poor kid!

Just before the display is about to start, this massive man sits in the seat next to me, completely squashing me – not such a bad thing seeing as it was freezing but then he started to sneeze repeatedly – trust me sneezing in your ear is very off putting when trying to watch a fireworks display, especially when the nose blowing is louder than the fireworks!

So, the fireworks themselves – amazing, truly spectacular, the echo around the stand and the
closeness of the fireworks means that an already impressive display is pretty darn awesome. Unfortunately the music was a little disappointing, not to mention almost identical if not identical to the display at Hopeton House on the previous Saturday. I am comparing the music to last year’s Disney montage however and you can’t beat a bit of good old Circle of Life can you?

Conclusion – definitely worth going, fun for everyone and an absolute bargain at £6.50! Tip – take something to sit on as the seats are super cold and uncomfortable!

Tori Fennelly