Jake Bugg – ‘Thank God for the saviour of UK music’

Jake Bugg is one of those singer/songwriters that comes along once every few years and revitalises your taste in music. Just when you thought manufactured bands and terrible X Factor voices had broken your love relationship with music, along comes as a young man whose voice pierces your soul with his jagged lyrics.

Still a relative newcomer, his self-titled debut album is a secret classic. He’s got so many fans but the fact that he’s not quite hit the mainstream, is ever more appealing. He’s the type of artist who you want to keep a secret to protect his uniqueness and celebrate his songs without them being commented on by those who don’t appreciate real music.

Having heard his early songs, I snapped up my chance to watch him at the O2 Academy in Glasgow, months in advance. Months later the date came along and now he’s released his second album ‘Shangri-La’ and is sure to be destined for stardom, as he tours the USA. Jake Bugg’s been compared to an early Bob Dylan and he admits to this being an obvious influence and his new songs reflect Dylan’s adventure going from acoustic and ‘turning electric’. Bugg’s acoustic numbers can have you welling up with love and his electric, faster tracks can get you jumping on the spot.

His style includes clever lyrics, which ring a bell with a lot of deprived UK areas and debt culture, i.e. ‘…boy you missed your payment, and they’re gonna find you soon…’ The atmosphere felt like a football crowd waiting for their team to life the trophy. Pre-show tunes included ‘Waterfall’ by Stone Roses and ‘Champagne Supernova’ by Oasis, which led to everyone joining in. These bands are other obvious influencers to Jake Bugg and its great that he is picking up the baton for this area of music.

Jake Bugg’s ballads soon catch on too and many were singing along for every word. No doubt he will progress further and mature into a UK icon. Hopefully he can keep his music fresh and balladesque for years to come.

Jon Exton

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