Latitude Coffee, Rose Street Edinburgh

In the central part of Edinburgh, which is always busy with crowds and cars, there is a small street that is hidden between two endless giants: Princes Street and George Street. It is not very difficult to miss Rose Street as your glance can slide from one building to another, not noticing the narrow street between the buildings. However, it has a lot to offer. Incredible local pubs, cafes and small restaurants are like hidden gems scattered along Rose Street Edinburgh. I visited one such place few days back: Latitude Coffee Co.

Its size and diminutive appearance can be deceiving at first glance, and I would have not noticed it if that day my friend and I were not looking for a new spot. We stepped in, and suddenly forgot about the busy central area that we were in. The specific quiet and carefree atmosphere made us stay. And we did not regret staying at all.

The service was above friendly, welcoming and warming. The waitress who took our order had our coffee ready in two minutes. Many of the tables were taken at first but she assisted everyone very quickly and always remained calm and nice. The coffees smelled of freshly grinded beans and were not too hot or cold, just the perfect temperature to start drinking right away. We both went for salmon and crème cheese sandwiches, which were freshly made in few minutes time with soft bread, good quality crème cheese and salmon. And even though we did not try the rest of the menu, this place has an impressive range of other sandwiches as well as soups and desserts to offer.

This incredibly small place did not strike us as anything special, but it turned out to be one of the best cafes I have been to for some time now. I will definitely come back to try their soup, enjoy their coffee and try one of their desserts. The atmosphere only adds to what makes this cafe so unique. Hearing the owner talking in French with the waitress and the sound of coffee machine along with these freshly made sandwiches took me to another world for some time. It is a little French world hidden in the centre of Edinburgh. It is definitely a place to be whether you want to work on your laptop, read a book or simply have a quick bite.

Latitude Coffee Co – 81 Rose Street Edinburgh.

Yana Bobrova