Keeping Warm and Well in Edinburgh

With colder weather comes the obvious and necessary need for warmer clothing. However, warmer clothing can still be stylish. Think knit jumpers, boots, and more. Match a white chic cabel knit jumper with a red scarf for a splash of colour or brown leather boots with denim jeggings.

Unsurprisingly, this is a topic that has been on the lips of many Edinburgh fashion bloggers. Join us as we check out some of the hottest fashion blog articles in Edinburgh.


Ethical Jumpers for Winter

The Sustainable Edit gives us the low down on ethical and sustainable jumpers. From non-wool alternatives to local Scottish companies, these sweaters might just be the perfect remedy for dreich days.

In addition to featuring some of the trendiest ethical sweaters, this blog also provides plenty of fashion advice and features a collection of different suppliers. View the complete article here.


Save Your Skin This Winter With Vichy Mineral 89

Dry skin is a common and unavoidable problem of colder weather. Hayley from A Model Moment offers an honest and helpful review on one of the many skincare products that are meant to save your skin.

Hayley’s review includes tips about how to apply Vichy Mineral, the low down on its ingredients, and even where to purchase it (Boots). From the looks of it, this is one product that you’ll definitely want to include in your fight against dry skin this winter.

You can find the full article online at A Model Moment.


Unwinding After Work with Ora Beauty, Edinburgh

As the days get increasingly shorter, it can be hard to not feel the winter blues. One fantastic way of boosting your mood is by indulging in a beauty treatment at Ora.

The Likely Lady provides an extensive review of Ora Beauty’s beauty bundle treatment packages. Each bundle includes a range of treatments to help you boost your energy, help you relax, or seduce that someone special.

This review features the Touch Me and Try to Leave beauty bundle, which includes a shrinking violet wrap and LVL lash lift. For the full article or more information about Ora beauty bundles, check out the full article here.