What’s So Special About Armenian Wine? And how to get your hands on some

Italy, France, Argentina, and Napa Valley may be areas that immediately spring to mind as candidates for the best wine producing regions. Despite not having maintained a dominant role in the wine industry since the 1930s, Armenia is quickly (once again) taking the wine industry by storm.

The world’s oldest wine producers

Armenia is the oldest wine producing region in the world. In fact, ancient Armenia has such an advanced viniculture that inscriptions from the 18th century refer to Armenia as “the land of the vineyards”. Evidence has been found that suggests that Armenia’s viniculture dates back to over 6,000 years ago.

However, the modern world has forgotten about the quality of Armenian wine. Under the Soviet Union, Armenian wine producers were instructed to mass produce fortified wine and brandy. As a result, Armenia’s viniculture was nearly eradicated and vineyards almost stopped producing quality wine.

Since the 1990s, winemakers have been re-investing in the industry and have slowly brought Armenian viniculture back to life. Today, Armenia is bursting with quality vineyards and wine bars. Once again, Armenia has become a haven for wine lovers.

What makes Armenian wine so special?

The uniqueness of Armenian wine is a direct result of its terroir (or environmental factors that influence the wine’s taste and flavour).

Armenian wine is grown at high-elevations, within a diverse microclimate, and owes many of its properties to Armenia’s rich volcanic soil. In addition to Armenia’s long history of grape cultivation, these factors combine to give Armenian wine a distinct flavour and taste.

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