Café Renroc, 91 Montgomery Street

I live nearby this area, and not long ago, well…it might be a while now…my memory is not the best, I was walking and a new bar on the corner of Montgomery Street got my attention. It seemed cosy and small, and I told myself I needed to go and check it out. When I went for the first time, I was truly surprised, when I found out they have a downstairs floor, and it is bigger than the ground floor and well decorated. I think it was a bakery in the past because you still can see the gap for one of the big ovens. My friend and I stopped by to get a bite to eat, we checked the menu and chose nachos and fajitas and it was delicious. That is why a couple of weeks ago when a friend suggested going out for dinner on a Friday I pointed out the Cafe Renroc, as I still remembered how tasty the fajitas were. When we arrived, to my disappointment the menu has changed…but it looked as good as last time if not better.

We both went for the fish and chips, and even when I am not a big fan of fish and chips, I made the right decision. It was tasty and well presented, and had a table of cheese…delicious! The food was exceptional and it filled us up but we did not want to leave without trying one of the desserts, I cannot remember the name but it was a delicious cake with strawberries, and it just melted in our mouth. And the best surprise was when we ordered the bill, we were please to check that the price is quite cheap keeping the quality in mind.

I really like this place because the environment is really relaxed, it is the place you can go to have a nice cup of coffee or tea with one of the several cakes they offer. From this experience, they are one of the best in the area… or stop for a beer without being noisy, so you can switch off from your day and enjoy. The staff are friendly and the chef is great.

And an extra star for me it is that they have some board games, which I love so…they got me there…

As I said the ground floor is a bit small, but when you go downstairs, it is quite a big open space, where you can find a nice corner with a sofa to chill or several tables to grab your lunch. You can see through the window, that it looks like an old bakery oven too, which is quite cool, as it gives the place personality.

I really recommend you to pop by one day and check it out as you won´t regret it. It is a shame it was not closer to the city centre, but I think that is a good thing too so it can remain a bit hidden and charming and you could easily make it your favourite place to chill or catch up with friends.

Blanca De La Torre