Updates from Edinburgh foodies

It’s time to provide you with flavourful updates about the most recommended restaurants by three of the top food bloggers in our gorgeous capital city. Tartanspoon, Leil’Appetit and The Edinburgers recently reviewed some quite amazing eateries in town and we thought of sharing that with you so that you can be fully prepared on where to hang out with your friends on the upcoming summer weekends.


Since this is the most important meal of the day, it is essential to take notes of the following eateries and enjoy their highly satisfactory meals.


Based on 1-5 Newington Rd, this vintage-looking bar offers a wide selection of tasty dishes and beverages, going from the most traditional Scottish breakfast, presented with an abundance of sausages, haggis, baked beans, roasted tomatoes, to eggs benedict and deliciously fresh pies, this place is a real hit among students and hipsters thanks to its affordable prices and cosy décor.


The Walnut

Small and with a casual ambiance, this lovely little restaurant makes you instantly feel like at home. Located on 9 Croall Pl, The Walnut offers a variety of extremely fresh and hearty foods, which are a real treat on a lunch break after a tiring morning spent at work. Among its incredibly tasty appetisers, you can also find fresh crab at really convenient prices, which is quite a rarity in Edinburgh. Both fish and meat can be found among the selection of mains on the menu and everything tastes like your grandma would have cooked it in the warmth of her own kitchen.


On the beautiful Bruntsfield Place, just across the park, you can find Melmongers, an outstanding eatery specialised in fries and grilled sandwiches that, according to reviewers, are out of this world. It is the perfect place where to head to for a quick snack or during rainy afternoons.

Mumbai Mansion

Exquisite Indian restaurant and takeaway located on 250 Morrison St, just few meters away from Haymarket train station. It is open between 12 and 2pm at lunch time and from 5 to 11pm for dinner. It offers a wide range of delightful dishes, which include halal and gluten free options. It is the ideal location for a relaxing meal with friends or for a more formal business lunch.


Open from 9am until 5pm every day, this vibrant eatery serves outstanding desserts, salads and sandwiches at highly convenient prices. Numerous snacks can also be tasted any time between the opening and closing time. The majority of dishes are priced between £4 and £8, which is why it is so popular among students, conferring a vibrant atmosphere to it.


The Basement

Excellent Mexican restaurant based in Broughton Street, right in the heart of Edinburgh city centre. An original décor and joyful vibes is what you can definitely expect when going to have dinner in this exotic place. While drinking one of their sweet and fruity cocktails, you’ll immediately feel like being on a dreamy island under the warm Mexican sun, far away from stress, problems and the Scottish rain. Prices are average but portions are very abundant and ingredients absolutely fresh, so write it down on your restaurant bucket list, especially if you are a big fan of tender stakes and smoky meat!

Edinburgh Larder Bistro

Perfect location if you appreciate simple but exquisite food, that seems to be coming out of your own kitchen, thanks to its authentic tastes, made with fresh and healthy ingredients. Open from 5:30pm until 9:30pm for dinner time, and between 12 and 2:30pm for lunch, this cosy but at the same time stylish bistro presents a non-pretentious atmosphere, where Scottish fine cuisine is prepared for delicate palates. This is the right place for who enjoys elegant ingredients, as lobster, served with a homey and down to earth feel.