What better way to celebrate cycling than to out on an event like this at the Corn Exchange in Edinburgh. The venue was ideal for the exhibitors and performers to show off their contribution to the cycling world from the latest clothing and accessories to the tricks that you really shouldn’t be trying at home.

The concept of Cycle Fest Edinburgh was to bring everyone together that enjoys cycling from the hardcore lyric riders to the casual cyclists and kids. It truly was a family event with fun kids’ stuff in each area including a bouncy castle and show performers. It was a welcoming event for everyone and a wealth of advice and tips with each exhibitor.

The stunt cyclists were particularly impressive, especially the presenter who talked on his microphone while jumping around on his obstacle course outside. This got interesting, once one of the cheerleaders bounced forward to volunteer for his next trick, only to be instructed to lie on the ground, while he pivoted his bike within inches of her body. Nevertheless she was able to pick herself up and perform on stage with the rest of her crew to ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’.

It was good to see a large turnout and people enjoying the show. However, the little time for a break between performers meant that people spent less time walking around the exhibits. The Exchange area was full of the latest mountain bikes, hybrid and road bikes, along with much needed accessories for the everyday cyclist. Then in the market place, there was snacks and clothing, along with useful maps and even cyclist coaching.

Here’s the full list of exhibitors at Cycle Fest Edinburgh

This kind of event inspires anyone to get on two wheels and I enjoyed my ride to and from the Corn Exchange along the Union Canal. Edinburgh is blessed with intricate cycle paths, even in the city centre so it’s a fantastic place to explore by bike.

Jon Exton
Social Ant